Shashi Kapoor with wife Jennifer Kendal and kids

Shashi Kapoor, one of the most handsome men to have ever graced Hindi movies. We have seen him in his movies, but rarely have we seen him and his family.

Shashi Kapoor married English actress Jennifer Kendal who later succumbed to cancer at a tender age of 51. The couple have 3 kids - Sanjana Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor and Karan Kapoor .

Here's a bit of history regarding the couple. Also find photos of them.

In July 1958, Shashi married the English actress Jennifer Kendal and they acted in a number of films together, most notably in the Merchant Ivory productions. Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal met in Calcutta in 1956 while working for their respective theatre groups.

Shashi Kapoor was both assistant stage manager as well as actor for his father’s theatre group, Prithvi. Geoffery Kendal’s Shakespearana group was also present at the same time in Calcutta and Jennifer was Geoffery’s daughter. After their subsequent meeting, the couple fell in love and after facing initial opposition from Geoffery and support from sister-in-law Geeta Bali, they got married.

He had three children with Kendal; Karan Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor and Sanjana Kapoor. Jennifer and Shashi Kapoor established Prithvi theatre in 5 November 1978 in Mumbai. Kendal died of cancer in 1984. After his wife’s death, he became de-motivated and started to put on weight. He looked slim and fit in his films till 1985. The English actress Felicity Kendal is his sister-in-law.

Shashi Kapoor’s children for a short while became film actors but their Caucasian looks and accented Hindi prevented them from having a successful career in Hindi films. His son Kunal is married to director Ramesh Sippy's daughter and Sanjana to wildlife conservationist Valmik Thapar. Kunal Kapoor then moved onto ad film direction and established his production house Adfilm-Valas which is today extremely successful. Karan Kapoor became successful in modelling and later he settled down in London and pursued a career in photography. Sanjana Kapoor is in incharge of Prithvi Theater until 2012